Special Events

More than just class or camp!


Birthday Party

A birthday party hosted at Tech Em!

Birthday Cake

A cake that one of our students made for her birthday!

Host your next birthday party at our cozy studio on Gaskins Road! Instructors will lead the birthday child and friends through a hands-on demonstration of 3-D printing using our MakerBot scanner and printer, Apple iPad Airs, and CAD software. At the end of the interactive session, the birthday guest will print and take home the fully customizable 3-D print project (other guests may save their files and schedule a printing at a future date). All the guests will have a custom print to go in their gift bags.

The basic party program lasts two hours. During the planning phase, we will work closely with you and your child in picking the perfect 3-D print activity and custom object for their guests. The options (toys, jewelry, crafts, photo to 3D conversion) are as endless as your imagination. The party is optimized for up to 15 children (kindergarten to 5th grade) and includes instruction, tablets, setup, clean-up, and all materials. Parents are free to bring their own preferred food and drink.

Offsite Enrichment

Joe works with a student during an offsite enrichment session.

One of the driving influences behind Tech Em Studios has been our instruction at a local private school. Not only do young students want to know how their devices work, but also they are excited to code! It's truly motivating to see 3rd graders who know the truth table for a boolean AND gate; 4th graders who ask when they will get to code again; and middle-schoolers who can compare and contrast the Python and Ruby programming languages.

The offsite enrichment programs give us the opportunity to see, first-hand, the challenges schools have with their technology programs and the required infrastructure. This helps Tech Em build classes that truly complement the schools' STEM curriculums -- getting more kids involved in technology-oriented extra-curricular activities. We are providing increased technical depth and "real-world" technology application for those already on a Science and Engineering track and those on Art and Design tracks.

Full STEAM Ahead

Joe helping with Alexa skills troubleshooting.

Tech Em Studios loves to volunteer with our local community! On July 19th, 2018 our team volunteered at the Full STEAM Ahead conference for Middle School girls. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, and this conference connects young women with female role models through various workshops. For more information about the conference, click here. Check out our pictures from the event on our gallery page!

We provide to...

We partner with many schools from various counties in order to spread the love of technology to young children. Our goal is to introduce younger audiences to the ever-growing technology and instill within them a passion for exploring STEAM.