Offsite Enrichment

We are working with local schools and organizations to enhance their technology offerings.

One of the driving influences behind Tech Em Studios has been our instruction at a local private school. Not only do young students want to know how their devices work, but also they are excited to code! It's truly motivating to see 3rd graders who know the truth table for a boolean AND gate; 4th graders who ask when they will get to code again; and middle-schoolers who can compare and contrast the Python and Ruby programming languages.

The offsite enrichment programs give us the opportunity to see, first-hand, the challenges schools have with their technology programs and the required infrastructure. This helps Tech Em build classes that truly complement the schools' STEM curriculums -- getting more kids involved in technology-oriented extra-curricular activities. We are providing increased technical depth and "real-world" technology application for those already on a Science and Engineering track and those on Art and Design tracks.

Providing enrichment at:

Please contact us at if you would like Tech Em to come to your school.

Elementary kids are already avid and competent users of technology -- let's give them the skills to be builders of technology.