iPad Fun!

12-week Fall Session: 9/12/16 - 12/8/16

(no classes 11/21-24)

Tech Em courses are appropriate for all ages (6+) and skill levels. Instructor/ student ratio is low so we can offer individualized projects based on experience and age. Students with previous experience, or those who have taken our courses or camps in the past, will be challenged to expand their knowledge through more complex designs, tools, or languages

Code 'Em

Tuesdays (9/13-12/6) 6:00-7:00pm

Students will gain or expand their coding knowledge through a variety of programming languages and projects based on experience level, building from visual-based languages to Python. They will apply fundamental computer science skills such as source code control, software design, reverse engineering, bug resolution, and coding environments.

Create 'Em

Wednesdays (9/14-12/7) 6:00-7:00pm

Students will design, build, configure, code, and test physical devices using microcontrollers (e.g., Arduino) or microcomputers (e.g., Raspberry Pi). Specific projects are based on the students’ levels, but previous projects have included robots, temperature/humidity sensors, wearable pendants, and integration of virtual world (e.g., Minecraft) and physical world.

Game 'Em

Thursdays (9/15-12/8) 6:00-7:00pm

Students will design, code, and publish customized software games that they can share with family and friends. The gaming app taught will vary based on the student’s skill level. This class will not only be fun, but it will be challenging for both new students as well as those who have previously attended a TechEm gaming camp or class.

Build 'Em

Multiple 4 week sessions

Students will build and configure their own computers to take home. We offer individualized instruction to understand the parts, their uses, how to assemble, and how to configure for each student’s particular purpose. Three sessions offered per semester:
Session 1: 9/13-10/4 (Tue 6:00-7:00pm)
Session 2: 10/12-11/2 (Wed 6:00-7:00pm)
Session 3: 11/10-12/8 (Thu 6:00-7:00pm)

Open Studio


Mondays (9/12-12/5) 6:00 - 7:00pm

Closed Holidays

Want to spend additional time on your project or try something new? Adults, do you want to get in on the fun? Whether you are adding functionality to your device or experimenting in 3D printing, our drop-in Open Studio provides access to instructors and technology for whatever custom project you have in mind.

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Week Evening (6:00-7:00PM)
Mixed Build 'Em
9/12-12/5 Open Studio


Saturdays 10:30am-12:00pm or by appt.

Join us for a 3D printing class, or create your own custom workshop to complete a merit badge or to learn a new app. See www.techemstudios.com or email info@techemstudios.com for details.