Sketching out the plans for their custom games in the Game Design camp

A robotic car one of the campers assembled, wired, and coded in the Build Your Own Robot camp

Joe, one of our instructors, teaching middle schoolers through an offsite enrichment program

Designing a logo for the business they created in the Digital Arts class

What People Are Saying About Us

"Great location, knowledgable staff, and fun learning opportunity!"

Paige Ellison Umstead

"For all those in Richmond...a recommendation for those who have kids interested in Computers, Coding, and 3D Printing. My daughter took two classes at Tech Em Studios in Glen Allen during Spring Break and loved them. The owner/instructor, Wray, is very knowledgable and great with kids. Looking forward to their Summer Camps."

Don Mick Marencik

"Thank you! My son...absolutely loved camp this morning!"

Catherine P.

"My children have enjoyed the Computer Science Class, 3D Printing, and the Craft of Minecrat. Your kids probably will too!!"

Kimyay Certa

"It's a good day when your child comes home and uses 'partner' as a verb"

Claire H.

"Just learned more about my iPhone in 2 hours than I have learned since I got it 6 months ago. Thanks to Wray and his apple photos and photostream class!"

Stacey Thurmond Brown